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Updated: 24 March, 2008

21 January, 2008:
New: "Varkon Extended Library" demo modules available in Examples

David Keyes has submitted some modules that extend Varkon's capabilities.

Great job, and Muchas Gracias, David!

There are modules that expand the dimensioning system to include imperial units, among other things; there's a module which allows the cloning of entities, and there are some miscellaneous math and string functions. The code is licensed under the GPL.

There is also an html manual page for each function or module.

See them on the Examples page.

14 January, 2008:
Varkon.Org: Minor site updates for now, more coming soon.

The Varkon.Org site has gotten a bit out of date lately, so I've made some minor updates to freshen things up a bit while I work on the scripts that generate most of the pages here. I've updated the MBS source files page to reflect the latest released version, and tweaked the notes that no longer apply to the latest release. Bear with me while I bash my scripts into shape. Remember: If you don't see what you want, ask for it.

29 August, 2007:
The Lofting Floor Is Closing: SourceForge Will Host Varkon Forum

Due to the rapid development of the SourceForge site, I've decided to close the Lofting Floor forum on Varkon.Org. This will consolidate Varkon's official site on SourceForge. The Berlios mailing list will follow suit at some point. Anyone who wants their material reposted on the new forum is welcome to contact me at the Varkon.Org email address, or through the Official Varkon Site.

28 May, 2007:
The Lofting Floor: A new forum on Varkon.Org

The Lofting Floor is a place where the Varkon CAD developers can get together to work on various parts of the Varkon system. The name reflects the nautical history of some of the techniques used in CAD and modeling.

Only registered users may post to this forum.

Go there via the "Forum" link.

27 April, 2007: The Nickajack Glide Boat Project

The Nickajack Glideboat represents John Hughes's efforts to develop a light, stable, fast watercraft which can be portaged.

It's shape is based on the traditional Adirondack Guide Boat, a transportable canoe-like boat developed in New York state's Adirondack Mountains in the mid-1800s.

Mr. Hughes has supplied the code for this project, and you can get it on the Examples page.

Photos and links to the Nickajack Guide Boat Project site are on the Projects page.

6 January, 2007: Show and Tell on the Varkon.Org Projects Page

Have you got a nifty project involving Varkon? Tell us and we'll show it off and link to it. This site is for you!

22 November, 2006: The Cow Demo Is Here!

Remember the mysterious "Cow" demo? It's listed on the Orebro site, but you can't get it there.

Well, thanks to Dan Falck, you can get it here.

The Cow (Creating Object Window) Demo is a menu generator used when creating Varkon applications. You can make buttons, icons, and text-input windows, and paste the code into your applications.

See it on the Examples page.

9 November, 2006: Varkon.Org Folding@Home Team Started

Not drawing? Try folding.

Folding@Home, a project at Stanford University, can use your excess CPU cycles to perform the enormous numbers of calculations necessary to understand protein folding and related subjects.

This work may help scientists to cure diseases related to defects caused by mis-folded proteins, etc. It's important work, and you can help. More...

16 October, 2006: New Examples Posted

I got some nice examples from Johan Kjellander and Gunnar Liden:
  • Dr. Kjellander sent me a boat hull design demo, and
  • Mr. Liden sent a conceptual aircraft design demo and a module that aligns text to an arbitrarily curved line.
See them on the Examples page.

24 March, 2008:
Varkon 1.19C Released!

Varkon 1.19C is now released on the SourceForge web site:

1.19C is available as a source code package for Linux, MacOSX and FreeBSD. There is also a prebuilt binary for Linux.

Both distributions include the full documentation which is also available through the Varkon web site:

Please read the releasenotes before updating. Changes have been made that may require your attention.

11 February, 2008:
Varkon Gets TIFF Output For OpenGL Window

Varkon 1.19C will include a new (beta version) TIFF output. The new TIFF creator takes the current contents of an OpenGL window and writes it as a gray scale 300 DPI TIFF image of the same size as the window to a file on disc.

The TIFF generator was contributed by Armin Faltl from his standalone Varkon GUI project. Thanks Armin!

If you want to try this new feature, download svn#87 or later from the SVN repository on the SourceForge site.

15 January, 2008:
Varkon 1.19C Release Coming Soon

According to the Varkon developers, version 1.19C should be released in about 2-4 weeks:

"The major developments compared to 1.19B are:

  • System moved to SourceForge and sources under svn control.
  • Many GUI enhancements and fixes. Scrollbars, file selector etc.
  • 2D and 3D merged (2D removed).
  • PID files removed.
  • Explicit/generic mode from new (optional) start window.
  • Context sensitive help system updated.
  • Tutorial added to docs.
  • Updated Interactive systems manual.
  • Updated MBS programmers manual.
  • New Application developers manual.
  • New System administrators manual.

and finally something that is particularly fun I think,

  • Support (makefiles) for the Macintosh OSX platform (We have tested OK on two different machines)."
You'll discover that the 1.19C release is a real advance over earlier versions.

Dr. Kjellander personally revised over 1,000 pages of documentation, a confrontation with drudgery that should be considered a health hazard. He and the other developers have also made extensive code updates and rewrites.

The Varkon team has put forth an amazing effort and it really shows.

22 November, 2007:
Varkon 1.19B Going Full Steam Ahead

Improvements on the 1.19B version have been making rapid progress. If you haven't tried it out you're missing a lot. The 1.19B.33 patch version from source is the best for getting work done right now, with later versions being more unstable as new things are constantly being added.

Varkon GUI Demo Update
Latest update 16 November, 2007

Armin Faltl has updated his graphical user interface for Varkon. The newest release is on the GUI page. Try it out.

29 August, 2007:
Varkon Now On SourceForge, Version 1.19B Released!

The Varkon team has moved it's official downloads and website to SourceForge. The mailing list and forum will follow at some point.

You'll now have all the benefits of SourceForge's resources to make Varkon's development and use as efficient and effective as possible. There are trackers for bugs and feature requests, so you can keep an eye on Varkon's progress, and a graphical interface to the Subversion repository so you can see what the latest version is. You can also pull source directly from the repository to get the latest fixes.

There has been lots of progress on the newest version, with some significant bug fixes.

The new version is coming along nicely, but we need people to test it and file bug reports and feature requests, so pop in and download the latest release, or roll your own from SVN.

The New Official Varkon Site.

24 May, 2007:
Call for Icon designs for Varkon 1.19

The Varkon developers are designing new icons for Varkon 1.19. Dr. Kjellander has provided some initial designs which are now on the Icons page. Interested parties are welcome to submit their designs too.

2 May, 2007:
Orebro University uses Varkon in Experimental Reverse-Engineering system

"Reverse engineering". Some people might think it's only a technique used to "steal" a competitor's ideas, but it has lots of useful positive applications too.

Reverse engineering might be useful when either a CAD model does not exist at all, or when you think there might be discrepancies between your CAD data and the actual article.

You might use R.E. to generate a CAD model to recreate or repair old products, or things for which you have no CAD model (body parts, topographical models in GIS and games, products produced by another manufacturer, etc. -and need we mention boat hulls-). The reverse engineered CAD model may be used for visualization, simulation or to produce a copy of the object.

At Orebro University in Sweden, they're developing a system to automate the measurement process using a robotic arm to control a laser scanner, and Varkon to control the scanning process and to gather the data. Here are some links to their project:

Experimental Laser Scanner Setup for GMAC

Geometric Modeling based on automated Data Capture (GMAC)

Reverse Engineering

5 April, 2007:
Varkon 1.19A Making Steady Progress Towards Mid 2007 Release Date.

Dr. Johan Kjellander, Varkon's creator, announced today that the 1.19A release is progressing according to plan and provides a link to the Release Notes page, which states in part:

"Varkon 1.19A is under development and is planned to be released mid 2007. Varkon 1.19 will include support for trimmed surfaces and we also hope to have taken several steps further in the direction of a new user interface with new functionality and new "feel and look".

Support for trimmed surfaces is implemented by extending the current representation of a surface with the possibility to add trimcurves. Trimcurves are either cubic/rational or NURBS curves in the UV-plane of the surface. A new MBS routine CUR_COMP_ARR can be used to create trimcurves. A new MBS routine SUR_TRIM_USRDEF can be used to create a surface with trimcurves.

The new user interface is based on new dialogue windows and two types of graphical windows, WPGWIN and WPRWIN. The WPGWIN window is similar to the old default window but with new functionality. The WPRWIN window uses OpenGL for dynamic zoom, rotation, pan etc. ..."

4 January, 2007:
Varkon 1.18B Source Now Available; 1.19A Soon

Looks like Varkon development is heating up for a change, with the release of Varkon 1.18B now, and 1.19A sometime later this year.

Varkon 1.18B is a prerelease of the next major version. It's only being released as sourcecode, and only for Unix and Linux.

Varkon 1.18B includes new functionality and bug fixes, and a major rewrite of large portions of the sourcecode in preparation for the new graphical user interface that's being hosted on the GUI page.

Get more info and keep track of the latest doings on the official Varkon Release Notes page.

Download the code from the official Varkon Downloads Page.

New Varkon GUI Demo:
Latest update 6 December, 2006

Armin Faltl is working on a new graphical user interface for Varkon. It's early days yet, but already it looks very nice.

His GUI is an add-on that can be used with a normal Varkon installation.(Added 30 May, 2007)

He's regularly supplying updated binary releases so you can try them and provide feedback for features, usability, and bug reports. Eventually he will open-source the code.

Have a look via the new GUI link on the navbar. There're screenshots as well as downloads.

Send us models you produce with the new demo, and we'll post code and screenshots.

As a side-note, I saw on the Orebro site a mention of a new Varkon release,1.18B, in development.

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